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“The NCAFP recently had Shannon and his team at Splaquet Designs redesign our website. We are thrilled with the results! Shannon & Colleen were very helpful through the entire process. From the start, they explained the common challenges that most organizations face when redesigning websites; looked through our needs, wants and examples; recommended several cost-effective options for our ideas; and ultimately greatly improved upon our concept design. Nothing we suggested or wanted was outside of their expertise.

The process of testing and revising the website was made easier by their system of communicating via shareable documents. We could list additional changes while looking through what work had already been done, all while contributing comments or questions that had come up during the process. Shannon was available by phone and e-mail throughout the process, so we never had to wait for answers to our questions. We worked together on our design options and made instant changes as we neared completion.

We ended up with a website that is easy to navigate, simple for us to update (despite our limited technical skills), and impressive to view. As a non-profit, pricing was very important to us. We feel that we received great value by hiring the team at Splaquet Designs. We would recommend him to others that are looking for an upgrade.”

-Rorry Daniels, The National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP)


“Simon Says Booking and Publicity has been working with Splaquet Designs for several years now for our website hosting and other technical needs.  Our transition from our last server to theirs for hosting was easy and the team at SD assisted us with the process.

Our good experience did not stop there!  We continually get good ideas from the SD crew about how we can upgrade our hosting and web marketing.  Those ideas are supported by them, and the integration of new services is seamless and beneficial.  Whenever we have technical questions or problems, the team at Splaquet Designs has been there to assist us with our every need, often anticipating things before we do!

We would recommend their service to anyone as it is affordable, forward thinking, and adaptive.”

-Phil Simon, Simon Says Booking

“I would highly recommend trusting Shannon and the rest of the Splaquet Designs team with all of your website needs. Shannon took the time and patience with our changeover very professionally and seriously.  He did not nickel and dime us, even though we required extra time on getting things up and running. The very timely responses in email exchange and website changes were very impressive and we know that if there is a problem with our site or hosting, it will be tended to very quickly! With a music festival like ours, (and others) it is very important to keep updates and information fresh and I believe that Team Northwest is very capable of providing these services!”

-Stacy Totland, 4 Peaks Music Festival

“As a management company it is key to have a hosting company that can address your questions and needs and even help to accomplish things quickly if you are in need.  Splaquet Designs has been a true asset to our company, and I am very thankful that we have Shannon for our clients.”

-Brian Asplin, The Macro-Management Group

“I have been working with Shannon and his team since 2008.  He has been involved on all levels with the LOHI Music Festival from creative, web design, to web hosting.  Additionally, he has been magnificent at working through the advertising piece for the festival.  He is able to quickly get the ads sized and formatted for any medium in the marketplace with quickness and ease.  Last year we also used Shannon’s team for all of our social media including twitter and Facebook. They would update these sites on a daily basis. Lastly, he hosts our website and email accounts. Any questions or issues are again taken care of with very quick pace and less than an hour on most occasions.

After all the success with LOHI Music Festival, I have migrated all of my web hosting for 4 Peaks Music Festival to oogleplop hosting.  Again, it was a quick and smooth transition and the costs are very in tune with what we found in the marketplace, if not much less… As the year moves forward, I will be using Shannon’s team for more and more applications for both festivals.”

-Paul Brown, LoHi Music Festival

“Web hosting is something of a mystery to me, I don’t know what it is, except that it’s where our NRPS web site lives at www.thenewriders.com. One thing I do know is when I’ve got a problem, I call them and it gets taken care of which is all the really matters to me. The web site runs fast and is linked to all our social  media.  It’s been great working with them.  If you’re looking for a place to put your music/entertainment/web site stuff, this is my stop….”

-Michael Falzarano, The New Riders of The Purple Sage

“If you’re anything like me, keeping up with the odds and ends of the back-end of your site is the last thing you want to worry about. When it comes to hosting, design, or just consultation and advice, it’s simple – Shannon is the best. Being an artist himself, he understands not only creativity and image, but also the urgency with which requests from clients must be taken care of.

Never in my almost ten years of knowing Shannon has he slept on or been late to anything. Every decision is made with grace and intention, making for a seamless and pleasant experience. Let this serve as the extinguisher to any doubt (should you have any) that Shan is your man!”

-Ryan Hommel, www.RyanHommel.com

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